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4. Hackers: The computer game with a difference!


If you love hacking but do not want to do the real stuff, experience the same in this game. This computer game is developed by the company Trickster Arts. This one is basically a cyber warfare based game. It has quite the following online.


About the Game: This game takes place in an alternate reality world. Where in real-life situations, a hacker uses hard core coding language and commands to hack into another system, here in the game, everything is done in a Graphic User Interface. This makes it easy to understand and play the game. The game itself teaches you about hacking and test your skills at each level. What is obvious is that as each level progresses, various challenges are thrown at you to test the skill levels.


The main features of the game are:


Hacking the networks of other players within the game around the world.


Devising your own hacking tools and upgrading them as well


Developing and using hacking strategies


Designing a stealth force to use when you attack


Experiencing security or terrorist missions


Helping your country fight a war and winning.


If you are new to this game, we would suggest you look around for information on how to play the game. One good site is the one by the company itself called the There are several threads with lots of information about how to start the game, how to proceed and what to watch out for. Make sure you visit this before you start playing the game.


What do we like: We absolutely love that the game is original and is super fun to play. Also, what is exceptional in the game is the stealth attacks that are an integral part of the gameplay. This is what makes the game original. Another good aspect about the game is tutorials which are available. It is the best thing for novices who will love some help to get started.